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Fairy Lighting

1. Fairy Lighting

These are small bulb lights on a string that are mainly used to decorate informal setups such as weddings and Christmas parties, in various colors such as gold, red and blue.

LED (Parcan) Lighting

2. LED (Parcan) Lighting

They create an ambiance and mood for the crowd by setting your choice of color from a wide range of colors.

These can also be set to change colors at different paces.

Moving Headlights

3. Moving Headlights

These powerful lights work on rotational basis and are best on stages for concerts or any form of performance or contemporary lighting

Flood Lights

4. Flood Lights

They create bright lighting for tents, pathways and buffet areas.

Mixed Lighting

5. Mixed Lighting

To achieve the most successful event, a variety of lights must be put together, ask us for our professional advise.