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Décor & Accessories

Add some oomph to your setup by incorporating various decor ideas

Floral Arrangements

1. Floral Arrangements

These can range from centerpiece flowers to complement the table setup, pedestal flowers, car flowers, bridal bouquet flowers, walkway flowers and many other ideas. We are ready to supply you with flowers of your choice and those in season, ask us for ideas today.

Linen & Drapery

2. Linen & Drapery

Let us use linen to bring out your color scheme, either in indoor halls or in the tents you have selected. Ask us today!


3. Accessories

We use these to achieve different themes in your event such as rustic themes. Accessories vary from charger plates, pillars, vases, stanchions to be used as barriers etc. ask us for different accessories that suit your event.

Branded Accessories

4. Branded Accessories

These add a plus to your decor. Let us brand your dance floors, photo-booths, welcome signage, paper cut outs on the nicely folded table napkin. Balloons may also come in the package as you wish, or a nice touch of paper art or flowers.

Gas Heaters

5. Gas Heaters

Let these keep you warm all night especially in the chilly nights! The party must continue