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Plastic Dressed Chairs

1. Plastic Dressed Chairs

They can come in either the normal cotton dressing or the tight fitting dressing(spandex) which come in either white or black.

Chiavari Chairs

2. Chiavari Chairs

These are classy chairs mainly used in weddings and private parties.

They come either in white, crystal clear, gold, silver or black.

Kiddie Chiavari chairs for the children are also available in pink, yellow, gold, white and blue.

Banquet Chairs

3. Banquet Chairs

These are used in VIP events and mainly come in the red velvet color.

They are also available in blue.

Wimbledon (White Folding) Chairs

4. Wimbledon (White Folding) Chairs

These commonly come in white, brown or black and are fancily used in garden weddings during the ceremony or in round table setting.

OZ Luxe (Ella,  Louis or Butterfly) Chairs

5. OZ Luxe (Ella, Louis or Butterfly) Chairs

These are mainly used for very high end and high budget events. Suitable for both corporate and social functions and their cushions come either in black, white, rose gold or emerald green. Kiddie seats also available in red, black, white etc.

Cross Back Chairs

6. Cross Back Chairs

These are brown and made of wood, mainly used in rustic events.